07 October 2011

Dutch National Railways (NS) this week announced the introduction of disposable urinal bags for passengers. The bags, which are filled with gel kernels that solidify liquids in a way similar to clumping cat litter does, will be made available on the rail operator’s ‘Sprinter‘ commuter trains which do not have toilet facilities on board and are generally only in use for short-distance journeys with make frequent stops. The disposable urinals will become part of the trains’ first aid kits and made available for use in emergencies only.

While the official (brand) name of these bags is Travel Johns (which is the name of the company that designed and manufacture the bags), the Dutch themselves have already decided to dub them ‘plaszakken’ (pee bags, wee bags), or ‘piszakken’/’pieszakken’ (p*** bags). Personally I like the alliteration of ‘pleezakken’ (bog bags).

(Picture courtesy of TravelJohn, retrieved via Volkskrant.nl)

Click here to read the full story as told by the BBC News website.

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