Source: Parool newspaper, the Netherlands, 29 March 2013

Amsterdam — Dutch police are looking for a twenty-year-old* man who around 10.30pm on Thursday night assisted police in apprehending three burglary suspects, but subsequently vanished.

Police offers were in pursuit of a trio suspected of attempting burglary earlier that evening by smashing windows with rocks. At a petrol station forecourt on the IJdoornlaan in Amsterdam police spotted the suspects’ vehicle. One of the suspects noticed police just as he came walking out of the petrol station shop and started running.

The twenty-year-old cyclist* witnessed the chase that ensued and, without hesitation, jumped off his bike to help. He managed to outrun the suspect, who then decided to turn around and ran straight into the arms of the police.

The two other suspects were still in the car when they, too, were arrested. By the time police officers had secured all suspects, they realised their ‘helper’ had got back on his bike and ridden off before they’d had a chance to thank him for his assistance.
* How they know he is twenty? Perhaps he wasn’t quite the stranger he is made out to be. Or the editor omitted terms like approximate(ly) in the original article.
For non-British readers: the lame ‘on yer bike’ reference in the title of this post originates from a classic speech in British history (mentioned here and in many other online locations).

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