Source: Dutch broadcaster NOS, the Netherlands, 28 August 2013

Eindhoven — A Dutch court sentenced the main perpetrator in a brutal assault, Brent L., to ten months in a young offenders institute, four of which suspended. He was found guilty of attempted manslaughter. The Crown Prosecutor had wanted the judge to sentence L. to two years, six months of which suspended.

In total eight people had been caught on CCTV as having been involved in the assault on a 22-year-old man.

Brent L. and Tom K. were judged to have been the main instigators; the judge called their actions an “explosion of violence” but took into account that they had shown remorse for their actions. K. was sentenced to six months youth detention, three of which suspended. A third suspect, Stefano B., was acquitted because the judge ruled his involvement had been limited. Fourth suspect Brett S. had been involved but also shown remorse; the judge took this into account as a mitigating circumstance and sentenced him to two months in prison for violent disorder. Two further suspects were not prosecuted as they had not been actively involved in the attack, while two others are awaiting trial in Belgium, where they reside.

According to the judge, the sentences handed out were lower than the Crown Prosecutor had asked for, because CCTV images of the assault had been shown on TV and social media. The judge found this to have been a breach of the assailants’ privacy. As a result of this, they lost their jobs, were expelled from their places of education and had received threats.

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