Source: TV broadcaster AT5, the Netherlands, 28 December 2015

Amsterdam — Two bus drivers who were asked by three young robbers to wait, spoke to AT5 television: “I hinted at them to come to the next stop.”

Bus drivers Farid and Ali had got talking to the three young lads early Saturday evening at the bus station on Elandsgracht in Amsterdam. “It was strange, three sixteen-year-olds, sat outside on a bench. I was like, what are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be at home on the couch, where it’s warm? Or play your Playstations like we used to at that age?”

After their conversation with the trio, as the two drivers got on their bus to depart, they witnessed the boys entering the Texaco petrol station with a large knife and a hammer. As the three exited they tried to board the bus to get away, but it had already driven off. “Then I looked over my shoulder and gestured at him as if to tell him to come to the next stop,” says Ali.

De boys ran after the bus to the next stop, which happens to be opposite the police station. By then Farid had already got on the phone to police. “We did our best. I think everyone would, just like that,” Farid states. Ali adds: “I think it mattered that there were two of us, so we had each other’s backs.”

Police thanked the drivers for their swift action.

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