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Anne Frank may not have been betrayed by Nazi occupiers, but captured by chance
Source: Twitter / @TelegraphNews

The Dutch prison crisis: A shortage of prisoners
Source: BBC News


Gerard Reve • The Evenings

Gerard Reve – The Evenings Continue reading “The Evenings: A Winter’s Tale”

Police arrest OAP drug dealer on mobility scooter

Source: TV broadcaster AT5, the Netherlands, 27 October 2016

Amsterdam — A 64-year-old man has been arrested in Amsterdam on suspicion of dealing drugs from his retirement home as well as on the streets using his mobility scooter.

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Dutch to share their dark masterpiece, 70 years on
Source: Guardian


Netherlands may extend assisted dying to those who feel 'life is complete'
Source: Guardian


The Penguin Book of Dutch Short Stories

The Penguin Book of Dutch Short Stories Continue reading “The Penguin Book of Dutch Short Stories”

Bus drivers catch out robbers: “We did our best”

Source: TV broadcaster AT5, the Netherlands, 28 December 2015

Amsterdam — Two bus drivers who were asked by three young robbers to wait, spoke to AT5 television: “I hinted at them to come to the next stop.”

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Why Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum is dropping the world 'negro' from its historic art
Source: Twitter / @bbcworldservice

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