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Police arrest OAP drug dealer on mobility scooter

Source: TV broadcaster AT5, the Netherlands, 27 October 2016

Amsterdam — A 64-year-old man has been arrested in Amsterdam on suspicion of dealing drugs from his retirement home as well as on the streets using his mobility scooter.

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Why Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum is dropping the world 'negro' from its historic art
Source: Twitter / @bbcworldservice

‘On yer bike’: A knight on shining armour?

Source: Parool newspaper, the Netherlands, 29 March 2013

Amsterdam — Dutch police are looking for a twenty-year-old* man who around 10.30pm on Thursday night assisted police in apprehending three burglary suspects, but subsequently vanished. Continue reading “‘On yer bike’: A knight on shining armour?”

Amsterdam to introduce language tests for sex workers

Source: website, the Netherlands, 15 June 2012

Amsterdam — In an effort to counter iniquities within the sex industry, Amsterdam city council are planning on making window prostitution operators in the city’s red light district submit business plans. According to reports in various Dutch media outlets, such plans should include measures to guarantee decent working conditions. Continue reading “Amsterdam to introduce language tests for sex workers”

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