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Bus drivers catch out robbers: “We did our best”

Source: TV broadcaster AT5, the Netherlands, 28 December 2015

Amsterdam — Two bus drivers who were asked by three young robbers to wait, spoke to AT5 television: “I hinted at them to come to the next stop.”

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Why Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum is dropping the world 'negro' from its historic art
Source: Twitter / @bbcworldservice

Dutch anti-refugee protest turns violent
Source: Twitter / @UKMoments

Dutch police let off man planning to molest seven-year-old

Source: Volkskrant newspaper, the Netherlands, 03 January 2014

Gelderland — A man alleged to have sent a chat message planning the sexual abuse of a seven-year-old child was released without charge by police in the Dutch province of Gelderland. Although the man had been reported and was already known to police, officers did not seize his computer for further investigation. Continue reading “Dutch police let off man planning to molest seven-year-old”

Unofficial translation of the Netherlands’ Queen Beatrix’s public address announcing her abdication

(Last updated: 29 January 2013 01:05am)

Note: the text below is an unofficial, unauthorised English translation of the official transcript released today, Monday 28 January 2013. Click here for the original transcript (Dutch). Translation below provided by Jo Hughes (accepting no liability for any issues or damages as a result of copying from or linking to this content, should they occur). Continue reading “Unofficial translation of the Netherlands’ Queen Beatrix’s public address announcing her abdication”

Dutch trains to get ‘bog bags’

07 October 2011

Dutch National Railways (NS) this week announced the introduction of disposable urinal bags for passengers. Continue reading “Dutch trains to get ‘bog bags’”

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